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Blog Hopping and Why I write…


I met a wonderful friend in July, Heather Martens or 40YearWonderer, and she asked me if I would like to be one of her featured writers on a blog hop.  I thought it would be fun and give me the opportunity to introduce other writers who I admire.

Heather is has been and encouragement and sweet friend to me as I strive to write about life adventures and misadventures with a loving God.

She has a great compassion for others, even while dealing with pain and loss. God has enabled her to reach others with truth and honesty, lighting the way for others as she points to God’s comfort, love and grace.

Heather featured me in her blog hop. A blog hop is a round-robin, where a person answers 4 questions about their writing and then features three writers.

Also this Blog hop give me the opportunity to answer the many questions people have asked about “Why do I Write.”

1.   What am I work on?

I have been working on a  book called” Everyone Has Blonde Days®” for the last thirteen years, it is now in the final stages. It is collection of humorous stories about everyday life, when we have those Blonde moments that cause us to laugh out loud and then check to see if anyone else was looking.  No matter what our culture, hair or skin color, we all have Blonde Days.  Each story includes a reflection and spiritual application showing us God can use our misadventures to teach us valuable lessons about His love and ourselves.

I have two other books I am in the collecting and editing stages right now, but may be looking for a few more submissions. I will send out a call! 

2.    How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Blonde moments are something everyone experiences no matter what color hair we have, and when those unexpected, laugh out loud events happen, we know it must be a “Blonde” day. You may not have blonde hair, but I bet somewhere there are a few blonde roots! 

Does everyone have blonde days? Days when the most embarrassing and outrageous circumstances happen? Those are the days when all we can do is laugh out loud, hope no one is watching, and enjoy the moment. Who doesn’t need a good laugh these days to brighten and balance the stresses of everyday living? Laughter is a universal language. It has no boundaries and keeps us smiling no matter what life throws our way. 

Over the last fifteen years I have interviewed women of all nationalities, and occupations. I have stopped them at malls, grocery stores and women’s events, to see if they have experienced blonde days. They usually burst out in laughter, then share their hilarious stories. In reality, women of all ages, stages, colors, circumstances, and hair colors, share in the fun of having blonde-day misadventures.

Research shows daily laughter can add up to eight years to your life. Who knew having a good laugh was as healthy as eating broccoli?

 Everyone Has Blonde Days™ was created as a witty reminder we can find humor in the most unexpected places. When those unexpected days come into your life, embrace the moment, and realize you have just had a “blonde” day.

 “My platform is –Humor, My message is Christ

3.    Why do I write about what I do?

I become a writer because I felt that God has put a call on my life to share Love, Laughter and hope to women in a hurting world.  I believe He has given me a platform to connect with women through shared experiences with transparent love and acceptance.  If God’s love and forgiveness can heal my brokenness and steady my daily walk with him, even when I am week, mess up and disobedient, His love and grace can touch everyone.  I want women to know there is nothing and no place that God’s love cannot reach.

Because Life is Tough- I want to offer love and laughter to women who need hope. “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, You grow old because you stop laughing.”  

“Laugh often, Dream big, and Reach for the Stars”

4.   How does my writing process work?

My process is usually event driven, the daily happening of life. I have always been blonde, quirky and un-coordinated, so I have a lot of material, believe me! God has blessed me with a since of humor, laughter, and to be able to see the funny side of situations.  I love that about God and his love I believe he has a wonderful since of humor too, after all he made us!

Through out my life God has given me a story to tell and a message to share with women. God loves them, and He is enough in every situation.  He will give me all that I need to do the task and finish the race that brings honor and glory to him, in his time.  

Lovingly, Karan K. Gleddie 

Julie Horney:  I have loved Julie’s heart and honesty in her writing.   Hope Beyond / Just Julie Writes  is so full of hope, encouragement and help for others.  Julie has traveled on an unexpected journey with Lyme disease and a serious biotoxin illness. As you share this journey with her you will discover the “Hope Beyond” and the blessings that come when we can look past our circumstances to the One who loves us and cares for us through it all. 

Here is a bit about Julie in her own words.

DSCF9872EtsycropJulie Horney

Recovery from illness isn’t for wimps.  What works for me is to keep my faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, out front and hold fast to the promises revealed in His word.  This has made a difference for me these past 2 1/2 years in the battle of Lyme disease and a serious biotoxin illness. 

 My journey as a blogger began in a delightful season of life when I considered myself the happiest and most physically fit.  Sure there were aches and pains yet the pursuit of work in occupational therapy, gardening, bicycling, and kayaking had now occurred all in the same week instead of the same month!  Everything changed, however, when I got sick after kayaking in a local reservoir in my beginner surf ski:  exposure to a dangerous blue green algae caused viral hepatitis and opened a back door to a host of medical challenges.  While daily seizure attack episodes often break my stride, break my heart, Gentle Readers like you keep me sane when I am up writing in the middle of the night.  It’s simply amazing how meaningful my time with Him unfolds while the rest of the world slumbers . . .

I invite you to share this journey with me as we discover the “Hope Beyond” in the blessings that come when we look past our circumstances to the One who loves us and cares for us through it all.  Take care,  Just Julie http://justjuliewrites.com

Beth Bergren: Who would have guessed when we met at Speak Up Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan so many years ago that God would open doors for us?  Beth combines her Love for cooking and her love God into her teaching and ministry.   Her enthusiasm, transparency and sensitive heart are seen by all as she Shares lots of “practical” tips, tricks and recipes in a fun and dynamic way in her classes, workshops and speaking. You will love her as I do. Beth’s site is: http://www.slowcookerheaven.com/



Here is a bit about Beth in her own words:

“An ordinary woman serving an extraordinary God!”  I am a unique creation of God – and so are you! There is only one ME!  I like who I am and I love the life God has given me.

That fact alone motivates me to enjoy life to its fullest and appreciate each and every day. I know I have been put on this earth to make a difference, to make Jesus known to others in my own unique way – with my outgoing (sometimes outrageous) personality, my love for people and a big- tender heart.  I love to mentor women to learn how to Embrace Everyday Life by teaching practical living and intentional life topics.

I recently moved from Minnesota to Tennessee at the drop of a hat.  Not sure why or how all that came to be except for the fact I know God was asking me to do it.  I left behind a good job, my daughters and three wonderful grandsons to pursue a lifelong dream of speaking for women’s events. I am surprised at having the guts to make such a drastic move at age 63 and I look forward to the doors God will open and I am excited at the opportunity to heed God’s call on my life

My passion is slow cooking and home management.  Women today are longing to become skilled in the art of “being a woman.”  Whether that involves a personal relationship with Christ, running a home while working an outside job or struggling to put a meal on the table in the midst of a busy life.  Balancing those areas of a woman’s life is a lost art.

My blog www.blog.slowcookerheaven.com and my slow cooking website www.slowcookerheaven.com  are dedicated to helping women bring back family mealtimes.  My motivational speaking business and websites www.bethbergren.com and www.soul-sisters.info  are designed to mentor women to enjoy their God given roles as a woman with gusto, guidance and grace.  You will discover the “real” me when checking out the above.

My life verse is this:  My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned by the Lord Jesus – the work of telling others the Good News about God’s wonderful kindness and love.  Act 20:24 

Amanda Holland:  Amanda and I became Twitter friends through as HelloMorningChallange Bible study.  She is a pastor’s wife in Texas and has two son and a registered dental hygienist, as well as a children’s pastor too. Amanda is a avid runner and loves her Coffee.  She is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and focuses on real women finding God’s grace, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. You will find Amanda at her site: Grace in Our Moments

Grad Pic 1

Here is a bit about Amanda in her own words:

Amanda Holland is a pastor’s wife, mom of two boys, and registered dental hygienist.  She writes fiction and blogs at Grace In Our Moments (graceinourmoments.blogspot.com). She is also a contributor to the  Sleuths and Suspects blog. Her writing has appeared in Splickety and Splickety Love magazines and on various websites, including The MOB Society and Inspired to Action.

She is  currently finishing her first novel, a mystery. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, spending time at the gun range, running and reading.

Why do I write and share my heart here? Because on my own I’m nothing. Because I desperately need His grace. Because I can’t do this on my own. And because I love sharing what He is teaching me on my own journey to find grace. I hope you’ll join me!  Grace in the Moments

I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment. Thank you for sharing your time with me, if you know of others who might like this article please pass it on.

Hugs to all.

Lovingly, Karan

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