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Karan Gleddie has more “Blonde Days” than most blondes. Speaker Writer, Karan Gleddie, delights her audiences with hilarious
personal stories, practical applications, and a deep love for God’s word.

Karan is the creator of, “Everyone Has Blonde Days,”  a ministry that offers love, laughter, and hope to a hurting world. She has a story published in Carol Kent’s book, A New Kind of Normal. Thomas Nelson. Karan also writes a weekly blog filled with humor, encouragement, and reflections. At:

As a creative image and wardrobe coach her ideas are fresh and always fun. She was a California beach bunny who married a Canadian rancher and traded her flip-flops for 3-inch–high heeled cowboy boots. She colors outside the lines and sees life in living color. She thinks she has more time than she does. She shops too much, drives too fast and has learned to laugh at herself. She believes God has a great sense of humor. After all, He made us!

Karan has often said, “Life is tough if I could not laugh I would be crying.”

She is deeply familiar with pain and life’s hurts and has made a choice to move on with God and use humor and thankfulness to balance and ease the harshness of life.

Karan can connect with audiences as she shares her struggles with vulnerability. You will enjoy her honesty and humor as she shares where it hurts and where it tickles.

So ladies, Hang on to your pantyhose!

Karan Gleddie



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