About Karan

Karan Gleddie has more blonde days than most blondes. She colors outside the lines and sees life in living color. She thinks she has more time than she really does. She shops too much, drives to fast, and has learned to laugh at herself.

Karan has often said, “Life is tough, if I could not laugh I would be crying”

She has felt the sting of:

  • A father who rejected her, instead of loving her
  • Being a child of an unwed mother, who felt unworthy
  • A step-dad who abused her, instead of valuing her
  • Known the pain of rejection, slander and false accusations
  • Has dealt with depression, grief and loss

Karan is very familiar with pain and life’s hurts, and has made a choice to move on with God and use humor and thankfulness to balance and ease the harshness of life.

Because Life is Tough- I want to offer love and laughter to women who need hope.


“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.”  

  Michael Pritchard

“Laugh often, Dream big, Reach for the Stars”

5 comments on “About Karan

  1. HopeSpirit

    I am so glad you disovered my blog becasue it has given me the gift of finding yours in return.
    I am enjoying slowly absorbing your loving thoughts. Blooming Where You are Planted resonated with me and I commented before even realizing you had included a link to one of my own blog posts in yours. Thank you for the support!

  2. Writer Set Free

    Karan, I’m amazed at how similar our stories are; and I absolutely love the direction of your Blog (“Offering Love and Laughter to Women Who Need Hope)– What a beautiful Blessing you bring to us!

    1. Karan K. Gleddie

      Thank you, I felt the same when I read your Blog, let’s keep in touch and see where God leads us on this fabulous adventure!

  3. Rick AlveyRick

    Thanks for the recent “Like” on a blog post. I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog and look forward to reading more in the future. God bless!

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