The Great Laundry Caper

The Great Laundry Caper

images (69)Moving is a stressful and time-consuming project, the more mature I get the less I like this task.  While I was drowning in boxes, I needed to search for a washer and drier. Our clothes were piling up and I was nearing my last pair of underwear ………  I searched the sale fliers for a laundry set that would fit both our needs and budget.  After comparing prices we made our decision.  A white set with burgundy lettering, I thought it would match our other furniture.  Besides, it had a wrinkle free cycle that appealed to me, sense my ironing board and iron are a Stone Age model.  

The salesman was anxious, jumpy, and talked incisively.  He assured me I had come to the right place, gotten the best price, deal and warranty of any other customer he had had that day. Plus they were going to deliver it on Saturday morning around      9:00 am. I was the luckiest woman in town.  Of course I was thrilled; I had a week’s washing and needed to get some clothes washed.

Saturday morning came and no washer and drier, I was in a panic we needed to wash clothes and be at another appointment across town by 2:00 pm.  Finally, I received a call telling me they were running late and would arrive at 1:00 pm. I knew this would be cutting my time short, mentally figuring out how I was going to make my next appointment.  I was about to have a meltdown. 

Arriving at 1:10 pm I was told they didn’t have time to set everything up. “It was easy, a piece of cake, you could do-it-yourself” Jr. said, giving me the thumbs up as he raced out the door.  Now I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me it’s easy, red flags start flying. He said he had confidence in me. Clearly, he hadn’t heard I am both un-coordinated and mechanically challenged.

I remember thinking the washer and drier looked different, but I didn’t have time to spend on that thought as we rushed to our appointment.

After a stressful afternoon, arriving home I began looking at the washer and drier again, I realized the top was the wrong color. Instead of white with burgundy letters across the top, it was baby blue enamel.  It had that “blast from the past” 50’s look.

Stressed I was awake most of the night doing research and worked myself into a dizzy-tizzy.  I was sure the company had ripped me off and sent me a relic from the back of the warehouse. I finally fell asleep at 4:00 am worn out and upset.  And I still had no clothes washed!!!

The next day I decided to go by the store and discuss the situation with the salesman.  Praying all the way over there that I would be kind but firm. I walked in and asked for Harold.   Explaining to another gentleman the wrong washer and drier had been delivered to my house.  He wasn’t sympathetic and told me those things happen all the time! At that moment I wasn’t feeling “That Lov’in Feeling.”

Here comes Harold.  I explained my plight.  He told me he had never seen a washer and drier with Baby blue across the top.   So we walked through the warehouse.  He was beginning to sweat, talking a mile a minute, so I thought I would take matters into my own hands. I was firm and told Harold that I wanted the company to come a get the baby blue laundry set, and I would cancel my order.  Harold wanted to discuss the matter further, so I sit down.  

Suddenly he sat up straight in his chair, as if a bright light had been switched on. Looking at me, He said,” did you take the blue plastic off the washer and drier, it’s sometimes hard to get off.  Shocked I squared my shoulder, and indigently said I felt the top and it was enamel. Harold told me it sometimes is hard to get off.  My mind was racing, I told him I would go right home and check again, but I was Positive it was enamel.

As I was running out of the store and raced home to see if it was true, I saw Harold coming out of the store lighting up a smoke, (I suppose to calm his nerves,)  pacing back and forth talking to himself.  I think I ruined his day.

Running in the house, I grabbed a coin and scratched at the enamel and low and behold it started to peel off.  Boy is my face red.  As I peeled off the blast from the past baby blue plastic there was my beautiful white Laundry set, with burgundy letters. 

I tried to call poor Harold back, but he wasn’t accepting calls, I wonder why? It had been one of those days. 

God I am so glad you love me and care about me, some days I can make such a mess.  I get all stressed out, worried and forget to even talk to you first. I run ahead and try to fix everything myself, instead of leaning on you and enjoying your quit peace and calm. You are my shelter. IMG_1387

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Lovingly, Karan

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