Embarrassed Again

Embarrassed Again




Embarrassed Again

A few years ago  I somehow thought “Father’s Day” was a week earlier than it actually was.  In fact, it was a week later. Which is surprising for me because I have a tendency to be a little late. 

My husband and I spent the whole weekend having an enjoyable Father’ day celebration. We went to church, and as we walked home I mentioned it, Lyle, how strange it was no one talked about Father’s day, to which he replied: “It’s usually Mother’s day everyone makes a fuss over, not Father’s day.” We laughed at that observation, had a lovely afternoon meal and he had a Father’s day nap.

Later in the evening, we were to Skype with our daughter in California. She phoned to coordinate our time for later in the evening. I asked her if she had read the Father’s day blog? She started Laughing and said she had forgotten it was Father’s day herself.

Earlier in the afternoon, she reminded her husband to call his dad and wish him a good day, which he did. He called his father who was vacationing in Finland and wished him a happy Father’s day; it was then they found out it was the wrong weekend. Who knew?

My husband Lyle’s was happy, that year he got to enjoy two weekends of Father’s day. I was thrilled because for once I was prepared early; I seem to be the last minute rose.

I am a procrastinator and I tend to get motivated under pressure, but it has also caused many problems. You know, “When in trouble, fear or doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!!”

I have learned over the years that God is my refuge in the circumstances, troubles and mistakes I often find myself in. He is the one person I count on. His Love and forgiveness if constant, forever and eternal. ©

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

All is well, God is in control

Are you a procrastinator or a planner? Do you ever misjudge your time? Like me?


Thank you, dear friends, for spending your time with me.
 I love you all and am praying. 
Lovingly, Karan

The Easter Eggs


Happy Easter Everyone!


  The Easter Eggs: 


Philip was born with Downs Syndrome. He was a pleasant child . . .happy it seemed . . . but increasingly aware of the difference between himself and other children. Philip went to Sunday school faithfully every week. He was in the third grade class with nine other eight-year olds. 

You know eight-year olds. And Philip, with his differences, was not readily accepted. But his teacher was sensitive to Philip and he helped this group of eight-year olds to love each other as best they could, under the circumstances. They learned, they laughed, and they played together. And they really cared about one another, even though eight-year olds don’t say they care about one another out loud. 

But don’t forget. There was an exception to all this. Philip was not really a part of the group. Philip did not choose, nor did he want to be different. He just was. And that was the way things were. 

His teacher had a marvelous idea for his class the Sunday after Easter. You know those things that pantyhose come in . . . the containers that look like great big eggs? The teacher collected ten of them. The children loved it when he brought them into the room and gave one to each child. 

It was a beautiful spring day, and the assignment was for each child to go outside, find the symbol for new life, put it into the egg, and bring it back to the classroom They would then open and share their new life symbols and surprises, one by one. 

It was glorious. It was confusing. It was wild. They ran all around the church grounds, gathering their symbols, and returned to the classroom. 

They put all the eggs on a table, and then the teacher began to open them. All the children gathered around the table. He opened one and there was a flower, and they ooh-ed and aah-ed. He opened another and there was a little butterfly.

“Beautiful!” the girls all said, since it is hard for eight-year old boys to say ‘beautiful.’ He opened another and there was a rock. And as third-graders will, some laughed, and some said, “That’s crazy! How’s a rock supposed to be like new life?” But the smart little boy who’d put it in there spoke up: “That’s mine. And I knew all of you would get flowers and buds and leaves and butterflies and stuff like that. So I got a rock because I wanted to be different. And for me, that’s new life.” They all laughed. 

The teacher said something about the wisdom of eight-year olds and opened the next one. There was nothing inside. The children, as eight-year olds will, said, “That’s not fair. That’s stupid! Somebody didn’t do it right.” 

Then the teacher felt a tug on his shirt, and he looked down. “It’s mine, Philip said. It’s mine.” 

And the children said, “You don’t ever do things right, Philip. There’s nothing there!” 

“I did so do it right!” Philip said. “I did do it right. The tomb is empty!” 

There was silence, a very full silence. And for you people who don’t believe in miracles, I want to tell you that one happened that day. From that time on, it was different. Philip suddenly became a part of that group of eight-year old children. They took him in. He was set free from the tomb of his differences. 

Philip died last summer. His family had known since the time he was born that he wouldn’t live out a full life span. Many other things were wrong with his little body. And so, late last July, with an infection that most normal children could have quickly shrugged off, Philip died. 

At his memorial service, nine eight-year old children marched up to the altar, not with flowers to cover over the stark reality of death . . . but nine eight-year olds, along with their Sunday School teacher, marched right up to that altar, and laid on it an empty egg . . . an empty, old, discarded pantyhose egg.  Author unknown

And the tomb is empty!

I wanted to share with you one my favorite Easter story, I have loved this one since the first time I heard it.

It is a constant reminder that the Grave is empty, and Jesus lives and He is alive. I know that my hope, salvation and constant care comes from Him. He loves me, forgive me and helps me.  He is my security, He is Enough!

Happy Easter, He Has Risen!

Lovingly, Karan

Thank you for sharing your time with me today dear friend. What brings delight and Joy to your life? Do you have a favorite Easter story?

I would love to hear your thoughts as we share our journey.


The Reindeer Games

The Reindeer Games

The game show contestant was only 200 points behind the leader and about to answer the final question – worth 500 points!”

reindeerTo be today’s champion,” the show’s smiling host intoned,”name two of Santa’s reindeer.”The contestant, a man in his early thirties, gave a sigh of relief, gratified that he had drawn such an easy question. “Rudolph!” he said confidently, “and, …Olive!”

The studio audience started to applaud (like the little sign above their heads said to do,) but the clapping quickly faded into mumbling, and the confused host replied, “Yes, we’ll accept Rudolph, but could you please explain…’Olive?!?'”

“You know,” the man circled his hand forward impatiently and began to sing, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glowed. *Olive,* the other reindeer…” Author unknown








This last year has had many highs and lows for me as well as being a year of reflection.  As I have traveled this last year, I am constantly aware people seem unsettled and fear their future. I’ve often said, “Life is tough if I wasn’t laughing I would be crying”. I think others are feeling the same way.

Whcoffee-and-meen your life turns upside down it has a way of giving you a whole new perspective on what is important. 

In reflection I have learned when life is tough I need to focus on the priceless treasures in my life. God’s love, my family and friends who encourage and pray for me.  I am blessed.

The lessons I have learned about myself this year have been enlightening, as I struggle to do better with God’s help:

  • I need to learn to be a better friend and family member by keeping closer contact and letting each person know how much I love and appreciate them.
  • I need to be more faithful in my accountability to writing, which I know God has called me to do.
  • I need to answer emails quickly. I am a procrastinator, then I feel embarrassed because time has slipped away from me. (To those who have written please forgive me, it was not intentional, I am just embarrassed) I will do better.
  • I need to have more faith and trust God as I march into the future. (He sees the BIG picture I don’t) I’m a memo girl, but unfortunately, God doesn’t send memos.


“The best Christmas gift of all is the presence of our families and friends all wrapped up in love for one another “. I believe that is true, no matter what our circumstance or need.

This year as we come into the Christmas season, there will be joy and expectation knowing we have the presence of our loved ones and friends. And as we wrap our love around each one, we will lovingly remember those who could not be with us.

I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and pray that the Christ of Christmas will bless your homes as you prepare for the Holiday Season.©

Luke 2: 13 & 14

Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others—the armies of heaven—praising God and saying,

“Glory to God in highest heaven,
    and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.”

Lovingly, Karan Gleddie

Thank you, dear friends for spending your time with me,

Have a wonderful weekend be safe. Hugs to all.

Do You Know the Answer?

Where Did You Learn That?


I was standing before he window of and art store where a picture of the Crucifixion of our Lord was on exhibition.  As I gazed, I was aware of the approach of another, and turning, beheld a little lad gazing also intently at the picture.  Noticing that this mite of humanity was a street boy, I thought I would speak to him; so I asked, pointing at the picture, “Do you know who He is?”

“Yes,” came a quick response; “That’s our Savior,” with a mingled look of pity and surprise that I should not know what the picture represented.

With an obvious desire to enlighten me further, he continued, after a pause; “Them’s Roman soldiers, the Roman soldiers, and,” with a long drawn sigh, “that woman crying there is His mother.”

He waited, obviously for me to question him further, then thrust his hand in his pockets, and with a reverent and subdued voice and tear-stained face added, “They killed Him, Mister.  Yes, sir, they killed Him.”

I looked at the little dirty, rugged fellow and asked, “where did you learn this?’

At the Mission Sunday school,” was the reply.

Full of thoughts regarding the benefits of the Mission Sunday schools, I turned and resumed my walk, leaving the little lad still looking at the picture, I had not walked a block when I heard his childish voice calling, “Mister! Say, Mister! ” I turned.  He was running toward me but paused;   then up went his little hand, and with a triumphant sound in his voice and now radiant face, he said, “ I want to tell you: HE ROSE AGAIN, HE IS ALIVE!”        R.A. Torrey




Easter is a time of new life. That which was dead now lives.  Darkness is gone. A warm sun shines.  Life has a new meaning. 

Today we are privileged to celebrate the Easter because of Jesus’ victory over sin and death. The cross of Christ reveals man’s sin at its worst and God’s love at its best! 

Happy Easter Dear Friends, Wishing you much love and blessings.

 Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me.


Lovingly, Karan

Why I write…

Blog Hopping and Why I write…


I met a wonderful friend in July, Heather Martens or 40YearWonderer, and she asked me if I would like to be one of her featured writers on a blog hop.  I thought it would be fun and give me the opportunity to introduce other writers who I admire.

Heather is has been and encouragement and sweet friend to me as I strive to write about life adventures and misadventures with a loving God.

She has a great compassion for others, even while dealing with pain and loss. God has enabled her to reach others with truth and honesty, lighting the way for others as she points to God’s comfort, love and grace.

Heather featured me in her blog hop. A blog hop is a round-robin, where a person answers 4 questions about their writing and then features three writers.

Also this Blog hop give me the opportunity to answer the many questions people have asked about “Why do I Write.”

1.   What am I work on?

I have been working on a  book called” Everyone Has Blonde Days®” for the last thirteen years, it is now in the final stages. It is collection of humorous stories about everyday life, when we have those Blonde moments that cause us to laugh out loud and then check to see if anyone else was looking.  No matter what our culture, hair or skin color, we all have Blonde Days.  Each story includes a reflection and spiritual application showing us God can use our misadventures to teach us valuable lessons about His love and ourselves.

I have two other books I am in the collecting and editing stages right now, but may be looking for a few more submissions. I will send out a call! 

2.    How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Blonde moments are something everyone experiences no matter what color hair we have, and when those unexpected, laugh out loud events happen, we know it must be a “Blonde” day. You may not have blonde hair, but I bet somewhere there are a few blonde roots! 

Does everyone have blonde days? Days when the most embarrassing and outrageous circumstances happen? Those are the days when all we can do is laugh out loud, hope no one is watching, and enjoy the moment. Who doesn’t need a good laugh these days to brighten and balance the stresses of everyday living? Laughter is a universal language. It has no boundaries and keeps us smiling no matter what life throws our way. 

Over the last fifteen years I have interviewed women of all nationalities, and occupations. I have stopped them at malls, grocery stores and women’s events, to see if they have experienced blonde days. They usually burst out in laughter, then share their hilarious stories. In reality, women of all ages, stages, colors, circumstances, and hair colors, share in the fun of having blonde-day misadventures.

Research shows daily laughter can add up to eight years to your life. Who knew having a good laugh was as healthy as eating broccoli?

 Everyone Has Blonde Days™ was created as a witty reminder we can find humor in the most unexpected places. When those unexpected days come into your life, embrace the moment, and realize you have just had a “blonde” day.

 “My platform is –Humor, My message is Christ

3.    Why do I write about what I do?

I become a writer because I felt that God has put a call on my life to share Love, Laughter and hope to women in a hurting world.  I believe He has given me a platform to connect with women through shared experiences with transparent love and acceptance.  If God’s love and forgiveness can heal my brokenness and steady my daily walk with him, even when I am week, mess up and disobedient, His love and grace can touch everyone.  I want women to know there is nothing and no place that God’s love cannot reach.

Because Life is Tough- I want to offer love and laughter to women who need hope. “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old, You grow old because you stop laughing.”  

“Laugh often, Dream big, and Reach for the Stars”

4.   How does my writing process work?