The Lockdown Hussle



Over a year in different degrees of lockdown, 

I think I’m Fine! 


The Lockdown Hussle

Over this last year, I am mindful of the changing world we live in. The extra demands on our families, homes, social, and work responsibilities have put tremendous stress on our lives. Looking for ways to relieve the stress, we try to find hope, and strength amid the turmoil.

In Canada, we crossed our one-year mark on March 1, 2021. I did alright in the first 3 months, but as the lockdown continued, I became more stressed, isolated, and sad. The rules continued to change from week to week, leaving us unsure when it will end. Have you experienced lockdown fatigue in the ever-changing rules and regulations?

I have grieved all the family gatherings I have missed and vacations that were canceled, and the hugs from family and friends. I am a hugger and miss a real genuine hug. Somehow the fist bump doesn’t work for me.

When I would sit down to write this last year, I felt like nothing was funny anymore. The delight of laughter seemed to be gone. In my mind, I thought it was better not to write anything than to discourage people.

I’m ashamed to say some days, I felt like things were hopeless. And believing God has created us to enjoy each other’s company, to love and laugh together, and to encouraging and hold our families and friends close.

Reading this story a while back, my heart was touched. It changed my perspective about my unhappiness and complaining spirit because of the lockdown. I hope you like it.

I had a middle school student who was just coming unraveled in every way today. He walked up to me and said, Today just is not so good.


I looked him in the eye and said, Can I give you a 1-minute hug? He shrugged and said; I guess.


I said you must commit for an entire minute. Can you do that? He said I guess.


So the hug began. At 20 seconds I (always watch the clock) he whispered, Why 1-minute? I whispered back, so my heart can talk to yours.


By 30 seconds his squeeze tightened and by 45 seconds his head was on my shoulder. At 60 seconds I said, you made it. He did not move. 10 more seconds passed I said, it is time.


He said: Thanks for talking to my heart, looked me in the eye, and half-smiled.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring… but today, that child knew love… if for 70 seconds. author unknown

By the time I had finished this story, I was weeping it touched my heart. I think God feels the same about us, God wants us to know we are loved too in the same way. 

Even with problems I do not understand, nothing I struggle with is beyond God’s concern. Having God’s presence in my life, I can rejoice in the eternal hope he has given me. A life journey that he walks with me, and he never leaves me alone.

My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

He will guard and guide me, never letting me stumble or fall.

God is my keeper; he will never forget nor ignore me

Psalm 121: 2 & 3

Thank you, Father, for your love and understanding through all my struggles and for comforting me with your loving care and safety through the lockdown. Help me share your peace, hope, and eternal love with others. I Love you, Lord.

I am sending each of you a virtual 1-minute hug. And then give it away.

Thank you, dear friends, for spending your time with me.
 I love you all and am praying. Have a wonderful week, keep Smiling!  
Lovingly, Karan







































































































2 comments on “The Lockdown Hussle

  1. Karan Gleddie

    Dearest Karyn, I am so glad to hear from you. Times have been hard to understand and as you say, most illogical. It has been hard not being able to visit Lyle during the lockdown. It was hard for him to understand and he has lost so much of his personality and memory without the constant visits and contact. Although, we talked on the phone many times in a day. He forgets faces.

    Daily thinking of you and the GR and pray for you and your family. And often think of coming your way for a visit.

    We love all the pictures and the blog you write; it reminds us of days past. I show Lyle the pictures and he enjoys them, but can’t remember the names. Much love to you both, and a big “virtual” Hug. Karan.

  2. Karyn Ironside Tateson

    Dear Karan, your post touched me deeply. The unpredictability and the endlessness of it all is what gets me, not to mention some of the illogical decrees.

    I would hug you and hang on for two full minutes and maybe more if I could! Thank you for sharing your heart, for putting into words what I am feeling.

    The song, “No, never alone, no, never alone
    He promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone” lodges in my heart and sometimes slips up my throat so that I can sing it on the bad days. That is the comfort and the promise that we are connected by these days. If He is with you and He is with me, we are not that far apart!

    Much love to you, my dear, beautiful, encourager.

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