Through The Looking Glass

                                            Through the Looking Glass     

shutterstock_14746480 falling down

Early one fall I took a day trip to Calgary, Alberta, to buy spring and summer fashions for my retail business. I brought my teenage daughters along and planned to do some afternoon shopping after my appointment. I wore my navy business suit to make a good impression and for added flair, I wore my three-inch heels.  It was important to me to look pulled together so the sales representatives would assume I knew what I was doing.

My teenagers dressed for comfort in jeans and tennis shoes.  However, I decided to keep the suit and heels on for shopping, because I did not want to bring an extra set of clothes.  The day had been fun but exhausting, and by 5 pm I had burned-out.  I had a headache, my feet hurt, and I was hobbling. I was ready to go home, take a hot bath, and go to bed.

 I made one last stop at the drugstore on the way out of the mall, and my daughters decided to wait outside for me.  I paid for my purchases, and hurried out to meet them. Suddenly and abruptly, I crashed into a sparkling clean glass wall with such force it caused people to stop in their tracks and check out all the commotion near the eighth aisle.

 After my perfect face-plant into the glass, I slid to the floor in an ungraceful heap.  My shopping bags were in complete disarray, one three-inch heel came off, a button flew off to the great unknown, and my skirt was a little higher than I felt comfortable with.

As I tried to gather my wits and composure, I noticed my two daughters bent over in laughter and I could tell they were pretending not to know me.  When they began to walk away from me, I was sure they did not want anyone to know the dressed-up blonde in a heap on the floor was their mother. 

I stood up, put on my biggest smile, and tried to act as if nothing had happened.  Holding my head high, I limped out of the store trying to look as sophisticated as possible.  At this point I had more hurting then my feet!

Looking back on that day, I remember how I felt when my teenage daughters were too embarrassed to claim me as their mother.  I am so glad God loves us even when we embarrass others and ourselves.  He will never walk away from us when we hurt or leave our side when we need him.  We are loved and claimed by him.  

The bible says, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” Hebrews 13:5b (NIB) that is God’s promise to each one of us.

Knowing that He will never leave me gives me such great comfort and peace as only He can give.  I am secure in you and I love you for loving me so much.

Lovingly,  Karan Gleddie


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