Lady, Call Me Anytime!

Lady, Call Me Anytime

car_mn_0While doing last minute packing for a speaking engagement in northern Alberta, my husband was warming up our SUV. I was excited about the northern adventure, but also a little apprehensive because our vehicle’s electrical system had been acting up. The fan would run off and on when it was turned off. Lyle was staying home and I felt a little insecure about my technical abilities, and didn’t want to have a dead battery on my trip. My understanding of a working automobile consists of putting the key in the ignition. If the motor starts, it works. So simple.

After putting my bags in the back of our vehicle, my husband suggested that I go by our dealership and have the fan disconnected. I promised I would.

Arriving at the dealership I checked in, and sure enough the fan was still running at full force in the SUV. I went directly to the service department and the manager said, “All the service personnel are having their morning coffee break, they will be back in twenty minutes”.

I took a seat, and thought I would use my time wisely by telling the service department manager how disappointed I was with our vehicle. I blathered on about the electrical problems and how stressful it was to be stranded somewhere away from home. After twenty minutes a serviceman said he would look at my car, and as we walked I explained the problem. I opened the back of the vehicle, he climbed in and listened, turned his head from side to side and listened some more.

As he climbed out of the vehicle, he said, “I don’t think it’s the fan. I think it is your tote bag.”

I told him with certainty the bag contained a blow-dryer and curling iron, and as he could see they were not plugged in!

Frustrated, he handed me my bag and told me to listen. Together we opened the bag, and there on the top was my electric toothbrush vibrating at full force.

The serviceman handed me my toothbrush and said, “Lady, anytime you need your toothbrush fixed feel free to bring it in and we’ll take care of it for you.”

I was mortified. To think I had spent twenty minutes telling the service manager what a lemon this vehicle was!

The whole staff was enjoying the fun as I made the long walk across the garage to tell the service manager I was sorry for my comments.

Walking out of the garage, I heard hysterical laughter behind me and one technician yelled out, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Gleddie, we won’t tell a soul.” I Bet!

So many situations in my life are just like that incident. I make assumptions about myself and others, only to find that I have relied on shaky information.  Things are not always as they appear to others or ourselves. We need someone to help us with the hard and stressful decisions in our lives.

In Jeremiah 33:3 we are told, “Call unto me, and I will answer you, I will tell you of wonderful and marvelous things that you know nothing about. He is my constant friend, he walks beside me, and holds my hand when I am afraid. He waits for me to call his name and ask for help.

Father, you know me better than anyone on this earth; help me to walk close to you. You know when I have a bad day, and when all the stresses of life get me down. You see all my fears, insecurities, and the secrets of my heart. I know if I call out your name, you will be there.

 Lovingly,  Karan Gleddie

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4 comments on “Lady, Call Me Anytime!

  1. Julie Horney

    Too funny and so very true! I had to hold my tongue today when ready to bust out a barrage of not-so-niceties! I’m sure they came out sideways anyhow! Oh well.

    1. Karan Gleddie

      Julie, I ‘m glad you liked the story, I seem to have these “Blonde Days” more often than I like, but I am glad God constantly reminds me how much He loves me even when I have failed. Hugs

  2. Joanna

    You are a wonderful story teller Karan. Love you

    1. Karan Gleddie

      Thank you Joanna your encouragement means so much to me, I love you!

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