I Assume You Know!

 Can I Assume?

10143868 airportLast week I heard about a traveler who, between flights at an airport, bought a small package of cookies.  She then sat down in the busy snack shop to glance over the newspaper.  As she read the paper, she became aware of a rustling noise.  Peeking above the newsprint, she was shocked to see a well-dressed gentleman sitting across from her, helping himself to her cookies.  Half angry and half-embarrassed, she reached over and gently slid the package closer to her as she took one out and began to munch on it. 

  A minute or so passed before she heard more rustling.  The man had gotten another cookie!  By now there was only one left in the package.  Though flabbergasted, she didn’t want to make a scene so she said nothing.  Finally, as if to add insult to injury, the man broke the remaining cookie into two pieces, pushed one piece across the table toward her with a frown, gulped down his half, and left without even saying thank you. 

She sat there dumbfounded.  Sometime later when her flight was announced, the woman opened her handbag to get her ticket.  To her shock, there in her purse was her package of unopened cookies.  And somewhere in that same airport was another traveler still trying to figure out how that strange woman could have been so forward and insensitive. Author unknown


Assumptions are shaky foundations to rely on; and circumstances are not always as they appear to others. Difficulties, situations and the events in our lives are not usually what we readily would share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Isn’t it funny how we can get a wrong impression about people or circumstances and assume we know all the facts?  I confess I have been guilty of this myself, and embarrassed to find out how wrong I had been.    

How many times have I put on a mask to hide from others what is happening in my life? You know that little survival kit, full of special occasion masks we use to get us through a particular crisis.  

When I walk out of the house, hear the screen door slam behind me, I can even pretend to be someone else for a time.  I could be happy, funny, shy, or confident; or try to become whatever I thought other people wanted me to be.  Never allowing others to see the fear and insecurity in my own life.

I could also try to place all my emphasis on outward appearance, material wealth and personal importance too.  Or would it still be a mask of a different kind?  I had a perfect mask and wanted people to think I had a perfect life too. I would just wear a smile!

I was afraid if they saw the real me, they wouldn’t like or accept me.  I am so thankful there is a God who Loves me and likes me just the way he made me.  He sees “The good the bad and the ugly” and loves me anyway. Thank goodness.

What a precious and wonderful gift that He has given me.  The gift of grace.  I don’t have to pretend that life is perfect, and afraid of what others think of me, I am fee to be Me!  I know God is enough for any situation that comes my way.  

IMG_1429@                Thank You dear friends for sharing you time with me.                                                      I count it a privilege.  

Lovingly Karan 

Discussion Question:  Why do you think we make assumptions about people, I would love to hear what you think. Hugs!

6 comments on “I Assume You Know!

  1. Freida

    Yes, assumptions have got me in trouble many times. This is a funny one though and thanks for sharing. You are a light to many in a dark world. Toodles,

    1. Karan Gleddie

      Dear Freida, Thank you for your comments, you encourage my heart. Hugs

  2. Loreen O'Quinn

    I think in our mind we like answers right away about a person,so we decide ourselves what there about instead of maybe taking talking about it to God,and forgetting about assumptions.I also think were maybe not comfortable with our own identity.

    1. Karan Gleddie

      Hi Loreen, I know I like answers right away, I get inpatient when the wait is to long. Maybe that is why we make snap decisions and assumptions about situations and people. I also like your idea about not being comfortable with our own identity, I never thought about that, it could be true of many of us. Thank you again, great to hear from you! Hugs

  3. Julie Horney

    We kind of have to make some kind of a decision when first meeting a person, place, or thing to figure out if it is friendly or a threat. I just need to get more quickly to the second-second in my assessment: a sense of wonder. I wonder what is the story here? How may I serve them or make it better? WWJD? Wow Lord, that’s cool.

    Great story Karan! I think I need a half a cookie! Love, Julie

    1. Karan Gleddie

      Love your comment, I think we all analyze people and assessment then, using our limited knowledge of life situations. Wouldn’t it be wonderful like you said, asking ourselves, “How may I serve them or make it better”. Seeing people though Jesus eyes instead of our own. Great insight Julie, Thank you. Hugs

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