The Beauty Bag Downsize

The Beauty Bag

makeup bagIn my wardrobe, I use 2 different units of 13 pieces each.  Each unit has one dark neutral, a light neutral and a favorite color. I have taught how to build wardrobe for years and have found these units, not only save time shopping, but also save on the budget.

Unit #1 – Black and White color combination, and Red.

Unit #2 – Black and White color combination, and Fuchsia & Pinks

These units can be used all year. When I buy an item I look for these colors only.  No matter what I pull out of my closet, every piece will match in their unit.  Over the years I have added other accent colors, to make a new unit, but I have always stayed with the same two neutrals, black and white. 

Building these units makes it so easy to splurge on accessories which I love. It also save big on makeup.

I will show you what is in my cosmetic bag:

Unit #1.

  • 1 – Red Lipstick
  • 1 – Red Blush
  • 1 – Charcoal eyeliner pencil, and Charcoal eye shadow


Unit #2

  • 1 – Fuchsia Lipstick
  • 1 – Fuchsia Blush
  • 1 – Brown eyeliner pencil, and Brown eye shadow

These will cover all my wardrobe needs, so I am seldom tempted to look at other colors.

Many people ask about my favorite tips from 40 years in the cosmetic field with makeup artistry, photography makeup, modeling, theatrical and personal makeups.  Here are a few that I love and are not to expensive.

  1. M·A·C STUDIO FACE AND BODY FOUNDATION, this formula provides a long-lasting, water-resistant finish and light weight.
  2. Lancôme Effacernes, Long-wear, waterproof formula won’t crease or fade. I have cried through many weddings, graduations and funerals. This product is a keeper in my books!
  3. Eucerin Q10 anti-wrinkle sensitive skin cream, a dear friend turned me on to this cream. It inexpensive, and works like a charm. I use it both morning and night after cleaning my face.
  4. Olay Regenerist, Serum, this goes on after my cream and works well under your makeup.
  5. Lara Geller Spackle this is a beautiful primer, I call it my crack filler. LOL
  6. O. Bigelow Cinnamint supreme 2X lip moisturizer, non-greasy and does a light plumping.
  7. Maybelline Super stay 24 hour color lipstick, at my age this is feather proof which I notice I need more and more! Lol
  8. Coconut Oil, I use it on face at night under the Eucerin cream, on my fingernails and hands, and hair. This has helped the dryness.






What are some of your favorite tips, let me know. I always am interested to see what others are doing. Let me know if this was helpful to you. Also if you have any questions regarding this blog let new know and I will try to answer you.  tons of love and Hugs

Lovingly Karan

2 comments on “The Beauty Bag Downsize

  1. Loreen O'Quinn

    I appreciate your tips,I dont wear makeup. I have tried many kinds and Im allergic to them.I break out in severe rashes.I have learned to accept myself just the way I am.God reminds me that he is interested in my inner beauty.Whats in my heart.Im not perfect,but he loves me the way i am.Im 60,and God says he molded and created me to be what I look like now,and he is happy with my looks.Even though I look at myself in the mirror some days,and feel Im no beauty Queen,I reflect on God,and tell him thankyou for what I look like,cause the way I am is how he wants me to be.I do use organic coconut oil everywhere on my body.I find it is a good moisturizer.I love your blog .Thankyou

    1. Karan Gleddie

      Great to here from You Loreen, I often think of my visit to Drayton Valley with your group. Thank you for your comments, and what a great reminder Of God’s steadfast love for us. When I look in my mirror every morning I’am just glad that it doesn’t burst out and laugh! Like you my greatest desire is to reflect Christ’s love and mercy to other’s, that is truly my best beauty tip. Love, Karan

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