Tea, Grandpa and Us!

               Tea, Grandpa and Us!

 images (72)Setting around the dinner table, finishing the last drop of tea our daughter’s renewed their theological discussions with their grandfather.  It was always a fun time when they would try to stump him on his knowledge of scripture and the Bible.

Times were changing and grandpa didn’t like some of the changes he saw in the culture. And his generation couldn’t understand the reasons for some of those changes.  Especially long hair and ponytails on men!  The girls would always try to catch their grandfather on his “long hair” verse.  1 Cor. 11:14, “Isn’t it obvious that it is disgraceful for a man to have long hair?”   But he would never budge.

Trying to change his mind, they were always on the lookout for the right verse or angle to persuade him to change his mind. After all it was a new culture and times were changing.

One evening after dinner our daughter’s thought they had finally

found the answer to Grandfathers” hair” verse. After much discussion one of our daughter said,” Well grandpa you know Billy Graham has longer hair “he thinks it’s alright. Grandpa was stumped, he had great respect for Mr. Graham. At that point we all bust out in laughter and that finished the discussion forever!

Every evening after our dinner, tea and discussions Grandfather would leave with a cheerful laugh and say, “Isn’t it lovely we can walk away and be friends and still love each other.” As his granddaughters lovingly walked him to the door so he could go home. But, not too far you see, he live in the same yard as us!

As I look around the world today, wouldn’t it be great if we like grandpa could just walk away from the struggles and hurts and just be friends.  It seems God’s love through us is needed more than ever today. To be able to see people and the world through God’s eyes instead of our eyes, and living more like Jesus with open hands and open hearts.  What would our world look like then? 

A Careless word may kindle strife,

A cruel word may wreck a life;

A timely word may lessen stress,

A loving word may heal and bless.

Lovingly,  Karan Gleddie

 Thank you for dropping by and sharing your time with me. Hugs

Discussion question: What would our world or communities look like if we lived with open hands and hearts to the people around us? 

4 comments on “Tea, Grandpa and Us!

  1. sherry

    I love this. You are so right and this is so true. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story. 🙂

    1. Karan Gleddie

      Thank you Sherry, My father-in-law (grandpa) was such a bright light to our family and our memories are sweet. What a privilege for our girls to grow up with such a strong and warm personality who loved and cherished them well. There is not a day goes by that he is not missed.

  2. Julie Horney

    So true. I experience you to embody this very well: your words are kind and encouraging. I so appreciate you! Take care lady, Just Julie

    1. Karan Gleddie

      Julie you are such and encouragement to me, I am so glad we became friends. God does such amazing and wonderful things to bring people together. His timing is always perfect. Hugs

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