Tea, Grandpa and Us!

               Tea, Grandpa and Us!

 images (72)Setting around the dinner table, finishing the last drop of tea our daughter’s renewed their theological discussions with their grandfather.  It was always a fun time when they would try to stump him on his knowledge of scripture and the Bible.

Times were changing and grandpa didn’t like some of the changes he saw in the culture. And his generation couldn’t understand the reasons for some of those changes.  Especially long hair and ponytails on men!  The girls would always try to catch their grandfather on his “long hair” verse.  1 Cor. 11:14, “Isn’t it obvious that it is disgraceful for a man to have long hair?”   But he would never budge.

Trying to change his mind, they were always on the lookout for the right verse or angle to persuade him to change his mind. After all it was a new culture and times were changing.

One evening after dinner our daughter’s thought they had finally