I Am a Soldier

The Soldiers Heart


What do you want me to send you?  “Anything you need tell me and I’ll send it.”  I told my son-in-law, who was on the phone from the Middle East.  “Baby food” he replied without hesitation.  Now that is not the answer you would expect to hear from an American soldier serving his country so far away.  Or would you?

All over the world, our soldiers are not only sacrificing, but also serving honorably in acts of kindness and compassion.  They are showing people a better way of life. 

Some people say we fight for oil, money, and power.  In our country, we are split with various opinions on how our government and military should be run, and how things should be done in countries that are far away and remote from our everyday lives.  Have we forgotten what life would be like for us if this war were fought here in America?

However, something happens when our soldiers leave that will outlast the fear, killings, and the submission that insurgents demand of their people. American soldiers give them something better, kindness instead of selfishness, hope instead of despair, and laughter instead of sorrow.

The enemy may beat, blow-up, and torture people to push their evil agenda, but those people have seen something else.  When our soldiers were out on patrols, or on their days off they give away their food, water, candy, and friendship.  Some even spent their time off helping the people to rebuild their lives, homes, and schools.  These acts of kindness, hope, and compassion are qualities that people of the Middle East will not soon forget!

May God bless the men and women of the military who serve quietly, unselfishly, giving their time and extras to bringing a better life for someone else?  To allow the people to see what real freedom looks like.  

Every Country, even our own has had to pay a large price for freedom, and our Middle East friends are learning what that cost is with their own suffering.  Freedom has a high price, but once you have had a taste of freedom you cannot stop until you have it for yourself, your families, and your country.  As they are finding out now for themselves.

In addition, yes, it means our soldiers will continue writing letters for sponsors on their time off, asking people to help in different ways.  Trying to find “baby food” for the littlest children and letting their parents know that someone does care their needs.

       Aesop said many years ago, “No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted”

This is the American spirit, which is the heart and soul of our soldiers, and the people of in these countries will not be able to ever forget them.©


       I Am a Soldier

I Am Soldier, a neighbor, a friend, a husband, lover and America’s son.

I Am a Soldier, wanting to serve with a patriot’s heart beating inside.  I will faithfully stand on the wall, willing to give my all.

I Am a Soldier, a brother, a daughter, uncle or son fighting for the freedom of all I love. Dreaming of a day when we all are freely at peace and calm.  

My dreams are like yours, hopes for the future, for my family and the ones I love.  A good job, education and someday a home where safely I can peacefully reside.

I am a Soldier©

It is a privilege to salute our soldiers and remember them,  God bless them and their families.  Thank you for sharing with me, Hugs

Lovingly, Karan

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    Thank you Freida, Nice to hear from you again, I love your encouragement. Blessings & Hugs

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