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pink ford focus

Flying to Saskatchewan, Canada for some speaking engagements I thought I would be fun to rent a car for a few days. How excited I was to try out new Ford Focus with all the bells and whistles. It felt so luxurious.

After one of our meetings, a few women decided to take me out for a lunch. I followed them and parked my car in a lot next to the restaurant. However, when I was ready to get out of the car, the keys would not come out of the ignition. Realizing my predicament, some of the women went ahead to reserve a table for all of us. Sarah decided to stay and try to help me figure out what happened to the car. Twenty minutes later, I finally suggested she should go on ahead and I would be there soon.

Sitting in the car wondering what to do, I started to have a meltdown. Waiting for the rental company to answer their phone and call me back, trying to find answers in the car manual when I didn’t know what was wrong, was unnerving. I don’t read manuals; I’m the woman that buys “Dummy” books with pictures. Show me; don’t tell me, that is how I learn. Besides who can understand a manual when you’re in a crisis.

Suddenly a woman came rushing up to the car and said, “Did you put the car in park? Sometimes when the car is not in park you can’t get the keys out of the ignition.” Why didn’t I think of that!

I put the car in park, and the keys came out, it’s a miracle! I think I will dye my hair black when I get home!

Over the years, I have learned to embrace and laugh at my blonde day adventures, there seems to be so many. I had turned the key off my car, but never put the car in park. I was going nowhere fast.

Sometimes life is like that too. We allow circumstances to paralyze us, and we have a hard time moving ahead, trapped in the moment. With all the stresses and expectations in today’s world, I have had to learn I am not super woman. What a relief!

I have often said if I wasn’t laughing, I would be crying. In this journey of life, I would like to love and laugh more and enjoy the ride. God has given me the freedom to be me, blonde, quirky, and flawed. I do not need to be superwoman, I have a super God. ©

Lovingly, Karan

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Do you ever feel the pressures of expectations or the need to be Super Woman?

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