My Song

Robin 4

I was born with a song to sing.

I think each of us have a song in our lives.

Sometimes I struggle to sing my song, feeling like it might not

be good enough to share.

Or I look at others and wish I could sing their song.

Western Tanager bathing 11

There have even been times I could not sing my song at all

because of great sadness.


Those are times I need another to wrap their wings of love

around me and hold me tight.

I was born to sing my song. 2013-5-20 0 26 1

Like a small bird needing to fly and feel the wind lift me higher,

I know God has placed a special song in my heart that

I must sing to a hurting world… Jesus Loves You!

That is my SONG©


Thank you for dropping by and sharing your time with me. 

Do you have a song to sing?  I would love to hear about your song.

Have a great week! 

Lovingly, Karan

2 comments on “My Song

  1. Karan K. Gleddie

    Hi Joanna, Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me. I haven’t seen the book yet, but will try to pick up a copy. Have a wonderful day,
    Warmly, Karan

  2. Joanna Henning

    I love thinking about what God wants us to do in relation to the visual
    message of the bird photographs. Your message is parallel to Miles McPherson’s new book “God In the Mirror”

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