How To Shop And Save On A Budget

How To Shop And Save On A Budget


Best Sales Time for Buying Clothing 

 December:   Before Christmas– Men’s suits, Men’s coats                                                                                                                               After Christmas – Wonderful Buys in Designer clothes in high-fashion stores – in all departments

 January:       Winter clothing, Leather boots, Shoes, Winter coats, Jewelry, Handbags,                                                                           After-five dresses, Furs, Fabric

 February:     Men’s clothing, Winter shoes, Furs

 March:          Winter clothing, Furs

 April:             Spring clothes, Children’s clothes, Dresses, Men’s suits, Spring coats, Fabric

 May:              Spring sportswear, Handbags

 June:             Men’s socks, Underwear, Shoes

 July:              Handbags, Shoes, Sandals, Swimsuits, Summer clothing

 August:         Summer clothing, Handbags, Furs

 September:    Not a good month to buy back –to-school clothing

 October:       Coats, Lingerie, Hosiery, Autumn Clothing, Wools & Wool blends

 November:    Winter coats, Winter suits

  • January and February are the best times for bargains.
  • June and December are the worst
  • Try to buy items slightly off-season, that is the time the retailer needs to clear the floor for new merchandise.
  • When these items are on sale, look for value pieces that will last and give you items to build a wardrobe around.©

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