The Golden Years ~ Are You Speeding

The Golden YearsAre You Speeding

Several days ago as I left a meeting at a hotel; I desperately gave myself a pat down. I was looking for my keys. They were not in my pockets. A quick search in the meeting room revealed nothing.

police    Suddenly I realized I must have left them in the car. Frantically, I headed for the parking lot. My wife has scolded me many times for leaving the keys in the ignition.

My theory is the ignition is the best place not to lose them. Her theory is that the car will be stolen. As I burst through the door, I came to a terrifying conclusion. Her theory was right. The parking lot was empty.

I immediately called the police. I gave them my location, confessed that I had left my keys in the car and that it had been stolen. Then I made the most difficult call of all, “Honey,” I stammered; I always call her “honey” in times like these. “I left my keys in the car, and it has been stolen.”

There was a period of silence. I thought the call had been dropped, but then I heard her voice. “Idiot”, she barked, “I dropped you off!”

Now it was my time to be silent. Embarrassed, I said, “Well, come and get me.”

She retorted, “I will, as soon as I convince this policeman I have not stolen your car.”

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Reflections:  Are You Speeding

Over the years I realized I have a heavy foot. As I speed along I am always in a hurry. My family blames my California roots for all my bad habits.

I have struggled with time management over the years and usually, think I have much more time than I do. And yes the police and I have had our discussions over several tickets.

speeding-2I always try to be respectful but sometimes I grumbled about the tickets I didn’t think I deserve. Although in my heart I know I deserved far more tickets than I received.  How about you? I remembered a time when I was on my way to a speaking engagement and a police officer pulled me over.

I knew I had not been speeding (thank goodness for the speed control) and surprised to learn my taillight was not working. 

The officer walked back to his patrol car and check my registration and data. I watch him walk back a thought came to me about how thankless his job is, I can’t imagine that people are grateful for their tickets.  I sure haven’t!

When the officer came back to my car he handed me my license, insurance card, and a new ticket.  I thanked him for his service, for my ticket and for the good job he does to make our highways safe. He was speechless for a moment and then, thank me and said no one had ever told him that before.  How sad.  As I drove away I giggled and wished I had taken a picture of his face. Priceless.

Makes me want to do it again. LOL. Isn’t wonderful to honor someone else and you get the joy in the deepest part of your soul.

The Bible says:

Lord, we show our trust in you by obeying your laws; our heart’s desire is to glorify your name. Isaiah 26:8 NLT

“Well, then,” he said, “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.” Matthew 22:21 NLT

I am so glad that I didn’t react like I felt I wanted too. After all, I was in a hurry to do God’s work.  But while I am here on earth, I am to trust the Lord, obey his laws and the laws of the land. And to bring honor and glorify His name.  That is my true purpose as I walk daily close to him. ©


Some people, no matter how old they get never lose their beauty,

they merely move it from their faces into their hearts

Smile, God Love You

Thank you, dear friends for spending your time with me, have a wonderful week.
Hugs to all.

Karan Gleddie


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