Sweating to the Oldies ~Are we Having Fun Yet?

Are we Having Fun Yet?


A retired couple decided that they should walk two miles a day to stay in shape.

They chose to walk a mile out on a lonely country road so they would have no choice but to walk back.

At the one-mile mark on their first venture, the man asked his wife, “Do you think you can make it back all right, or are you too tired?” “Oh, no,” she said. “I’m not tired. I can make it okay.”

“Good,” he replied. “I’ll wait here. You go back, get the car and come get me.” 


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Reflections:   Sweating to the Oldies

For years, my daughter and I faithfully watched an exercise diva on television. Imagine our excited when we learned she would be making a visit to our town, and appearing at the local Gym. The advertisement invited everyone to come, meet her, ask questions, and spend a few hours joining her in one of her great workouts. Although we were beginners, we decided to join the excitement and learn some new exercise techniques.

images (7)Always wanting to dress properly for any occasion, I decided to wear legging, an oversize t-shirt (to cover any bulges) and a headband so people would think I knew my way around the gym. My daughter wore her shorts and a cute top; I figured we looked like an ordinary twosome off to the gym.

At my office all morning, we were a little late arriving for the starting session. Laughing and excited we stopped on the stairs and gazed over the class of women doing a rapidly paced step aerobics, in their fancy, well-matched, small, tight, outfits. I was starting to have that big bird feeling in my oversize t-shirt. I realized my comfortable outfit was not going to look great for pictures as we were all exercising, especially from the backside…

The instructor delegated us to the back row (thank goodness) and said, “Please put on your aerobic shoes.” To which I replied, “We didn’t bring any, we’ll just wear our socks.”At that point, she stopped the class and educated everyone on the hazards of not wearing the right aerobic shoes. She acted as if we were not serious enough to be in her class; I wonder what gave her that idea!

The music started up again at a rapid pace, moving at disaster speed for me! I could hardly keep up, huffing and puffing. “O’ my goodness I’m overdoing it,” I thought, “I’m sweating I had better slow down, or my makeup will melt off.” At that point, I fell to the floor in a heap; my youngest daughter was starting to slow down too. The teacher yelled, “Keep the burn going, let’s maintain the pace, especially those in the back row.” Which was only the two of us?

Our predicament now seemed incredibly funny, and all I could do was laugh, my daughter was laughing too. The louder the instructor yelled, the harder we laughed; there we lay in hysterics on the floor. We embarrassed ourselves that day; but as we now look back, we realize we were making memories. Isn’t that what life is all about? Enjoying the journey of life we are on. ©

I believe God has a sense of humor too, After all, he made us!

Psalm 126:2 (NLT)

 We were filled with laughter,
    and we sang for joy.
And the other nations said,
    “What amazing things the Lord has done for them.”


Thank you, dear friends for spending your time with me,

Have a wonderful weekend be safe. Hugs to all.

Lovingly, Karan

Didn’t You See the Stop Lights ?

Didn’t You See the Stop Lights ?
For years Shelly’s husband denied that he was an aggressive driver. That changed one day when they were out for a drive with their three-year-old son, Mathew.

Seeing teaching opportunity, mom asked Matthew about traffic lights.

“What does astoplights red light mean? Shelly inquired.     “Stop”.

“Good. How about green?”    “Go”.

“And yellow?”  she continued.

And in his best deep voice impression of Daddy, Mathew bellowed…”Hang on!”






Reflections:  I’m Not Lost!

Have you ever wondered why men and women are so different in taking and giving directions?

If a man gives directions, it goes like this; Go three miles, turn left, go seven miles, turn right, then go a quarter of a mile and you will see it on your right, you can’t miss it!  Now I am blonde and a creative thinker is there a three-mile sign, how will I know?  With these directions I could end up in someone’s cow pasture, never to be seen again.

I drive by landmarks, go to Target, turn left, go down to the Burger King, and turn right.  Drive to Sears, and turn into parking lot, the place is right next to the shoe store that is having a huge sale, 70% off.  You can’t miss it. (Now that is my kind of directions)

Thankfully, we decided to get a GPS for the car, saves Lyle and I a lot of time, him from driving all over the country trying to find an address, and me from getting lost.  However, in my creative moments, I have been known, to second guess the GPS system, and go a different way because it didn’t look right to me.  Only to get lost, have the satellite locate and get me back on track.

It gives me great security and peace in my life to know that I am never off of God’s GPS system.  He always knows where I am, and even if I wander off, he has his eye on me.  The bible says:

Psalm 139: 1-3

O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me.
You know when I sit down or stand up. You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.
You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know everything I do.

His loving care sustains, guides, and protects me; I just need to follow his directions. ©

Thank you, dear friends for spending your time with me, I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs to all.

Lovingly, Karan


Happy Valentines Day Mom!

Happy Valentines Day Mom!

missingSix-year-old Jimmy was so excited to go shopping with his dad for a Valentine gift for his mother. After picking the right card telling her how much they loved her, they headed for the candy store. Jimmy and his dad found a beautiful heart-shaped box with bows, ribbon and lace on top, and one pound of his mother’s favorite chocolates.

As they headed home, they discussed where to hide the gift until tomorrow morning. Jimmy ask if he could keep it in his room under the bed, and dad agreed. Jimmy could hardly wait for the next day to surprise her. After all, she loved chocolates.

The next morning after breakfast Jimmy and his dad presented her with their lovely Valentine gift. Excitedly she opened the box and realized one piece of candy was missing from the center.

Noticing an elegant gold label written in calligraphy which said, “Packed especially for you by Selina.” Still confused about the missing chocolate, Jimmy mother turned the paper over her saw a hand-printed message saying, “ tested by Jimmy!”



I love shoe sale’s, How about you?




forrest-gump-suitcase-bench-tom-hanksMama always said:
“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Forest Gump

I always love Valentine’s Day, especially the chocolate, I think Chocolate makes everything better, don’t you? Have you ever noticed when you are feeling a little off, depressed, or just plain grumpy, chocolate helps immediately. Even if I’m feeling fat, Chocolate helps. Lol, What is that?

I remembered many years ago; I tried to wean myself of a secret chocolate habit. Attempting to be firm I would self-talk listing all the pro’s and cons of learning to control my sweet tooth. However once in a while, I would secretly make a whole recipe of fudge just for me, eating the entire batch out of the pot. It would never get to the pan and have time to set.

My husband would drive me crazy; he could have one piece of chocolate at a time and save the rest for weeks. While I would eat mine at one setting, and then want him to share with me.

Now after all these years he often brings us home some chocolate bars in a bag of groceries, and we both sit down and enjoy them. No guilt, no worries, just pure enjoyment of a special moment together.

When I look back I think that quote is right, Life is like a box of chocolates, and we never know what you’re going to get.

We hit times of crises, and circumstances we don’t understand, that seems to be the world we live in these days. But through these time, we can stand firm knowing that we have a God, who loves, cares and protects us from the storms we face. I read this quote the other day that puts everything in perspective for me it says:

“We can endure life’s wrongs because we know that God will make all things right.”

What a relief, He is in Control!

We Win!

Lovingly, Karan

Thank you, dear friends for spending your time with me, Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day Sunday. Hugs to all

Dream Big ~ Exercising is Fun, don’t you Think??

couple at the beach Exercising is Fun, don’t you Think??

A retired couple decided that they should walk two miles a day to stay in shape.

They chose to walk a mile down the beach so they would have no choice but to walk back.

At the one-mile mark on their first venture, the man asked his wife, “Do you think you can make it back all right, or are you too tired?”

“Oh, no,” she said. “I’m not tired. I can make it fine.”

“Good,” he replied. “I’ll wait here. You go back, get the car and come get me.”






“What does Encouragement mean to you?”

Johann W. Von Goethe once said,” Instruction does much, but encouragement is everything.”

Many times a kind word of encouragement, a smile or a simple touch can lift a heart out of sadness, grief, exhaustion or despair. An act of kindness encouraging others lets them know we care about them, and they are not alone. It also gives us the opportunity to show God’s love as we touch the lives of others. Encouragement gives me hope and determination to keep moving forward when life is tough, and I become weary of the struggles.

A while back I found myself in a place of discouragement. Wondering if the goals and dreams God had placed in my heart were achievable anymore. The way forward seemed so complicated and challenging, and I wasn’t sure I had the enough energy to finish. You know those moments when doubts sneak in and steal your confidence and joy, replacing it with worry and fear.

One morning as I was reading my Bible and praying I asked God to encourage my soul with his love, compassion and guidance. Asking Him to give me a new perspective and passion for the task He had given me. I had become tired. And His promises and love lessons come just in time. I received emails that afternoon of encouragement and confirmation that God is not finished with the dreams and goals He has placed in my heart. God is never late.

I know life can be tough, and the struggles of life can be harsh. But, with God’s encouragement we can remember His promises and rely on Him. The journey will be brighter for us and others as we stand together building each other up with encouragement and care




What do encouraging words mean to you? How have you been encouraged lately?

Thank you, dear friends for spending your time with me, Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to all.

Have a great week, HUGS

Lovingly, Karan

The Mysterious Purse Caper!

The Mysterious  Purse Caper

purse Shoes-pileSometimes during both stressful and exciting times life can go a little sideways or way out of kilter. As I experienced a few months ago. Now I don’t know about you but, realizing I would be going into surgery soon gave me the motivation to do some extra cleaning. I determined the week before to give it the ole gusto and clean out the closets and nooks that had long forgotten items in them.

I have always loved purses and shoes so decided to weed out my stash. It took me four days to go through the closets and decide, putting selected items in the giveaway box. Only to take them out again the next day in indecision. Giving myself a proper talking to and again putting them back in the box. Whew, decisions are hard work!

However, one black purse I finally decided to hold onto for another year. Setting the purse next to the table I inserted my wallet in the pocket, thinking I would use it later in the day.

When, my grandson stopped by to see if I needed anything from the city. I asked if he could take my box to the thrift store for me. As he was carrying the box out the door, I spied the black purse sitting next to the table and in a split second decision I decided to throw it in the box too.
Feeling satisfied that I had been able to stand firm on all my decisions.

It wasn’t until a week later that I needed my Medicare number for the hospital that I couldn’t find my wallet, where did I put it? I remember I put it in that black purse I kept. Where is it? O no could I have thrown it into the giveaway box at the last minute?

I called the thrift store and even stopped by, but the wallet had disappeared. So I started the long procedure of canceling all my bank cards, health cards, driver’s license, and other relevant items. If you have ever gone through this changeover, it takes a while to replace everything. I hope I don’t have ever to do this again because of a careless mistake. I’m not sure I could even classify this one as a “Blonde Days”. Lol

I am so glad that I am not a number to God, he never loses me, always knows where I am and loves me. What a relief to know he cares and understand me and is my strength when I am weak, my shelter when I am afraid and my friend when I need someone to talk too. Even in those stressful and exciting times he walks beside me.

Psalm 18: 32, 33, 35, 36 (ERV)

32 God is the one who gives me strength.
He clears the path I need to take.
33 He makes my feet as steady as those of a deer.
Even on steep mountains he keeps me from falling.

35 Lord, you have given me your shield to protect me.
You support me with your right hand.
It is your help that has made me great.
36 You cleared a path for my feet
so that I could walk without stumbling.


God grants with each burden the strength to bear it… seldom more, never less.

God’s power is unstoppable. He is Enough for me!

Dear friends, have you ever lost something important and had it returned?  

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me. Have a wonderful week, Hugs

Lovingly, Karan