Pandemonium or Memories?

 Pandemonium or Memories?

As I watched images (96)my husband hang up each of our daughters’ wedding pictures in our new home, I remembered all the laughter, joy, and craziness of their childhood.

In the quietness of our dream home, I am left with quiet memories of endless dishes, piles of dirty clothes, backpacks filled to overflowing, and always racing to get somewhere quick. It was a time we thought would never end. Continuous games, parties, and worry. Wishing for five minutes of peace and quiet, and telling myself someday I would have time to do all the projects I dreamed of.

My dream was to take a long, hot bubble bath in a dimly lit room. The bath that would soak all your stress away, with scented candles, bath oil, and music to relax your soul.

However, I had three vivacious daughters, who loved to sit around the bathroom telling me about their day. Entertaining me and one another with their newest jokes, stories and doing impressions of their teachers, boys, and friends at school that day.

As I look back I see that my daughters thought my quiet time was their time, because I was not talking on the phone, doing business, or attending to someone else’s needs. When I was in the bathtub under all the bubbles, my daughters knew they had my full attention.

The years passed and I kept holding on to my illusive dream, which seemed so faraway. A long, hot bubble bath. Candles and soft music with no interruptions. Resting quietly, stress free.

However, a funny turn of events happened along the road of maturity. I do not take baths anymore. I find they are not as much fun as they use to be. The water gets cold too fast and it is far too quiet.

It was something I wished for all my life, but it is something I no longer enjoy. I loved those times of laughter, stories, and heart-to-heart talks. I am a shower woman now. God must have a sense of humor.

Many times in my life with all the craziness, if I could not laugh, I would have cried. Even when life is tough, to be able to find humor in the little things gives me hope. Hope lifts the spirit and causes people to smile.©

             1 Laugh = 3 teaspoons of Oat Bran! (It’s good for You) 


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Have a great week!

Lovingly, Karan Gleddie

Discussion question: What are your favorite memories? I would love to hear from you.

6 comments on “Pandemonium or Memories?

    1. Karan Gleddie

      Thank you dear Heather, for your encouragement. Praying for you and your ministry. Hugs

        1. Karan Gleddie

          Isn’t God so good, praying for your ministry and the people who join the discussions. How have you been feeling? Praying for your health also. Hugs

  1. Joanna

    this sounds a lot like how I’m thinking about my life right now. Too busy, too hectic, too many demands on my time. I want to be maturing spiritually, but when I sit down to read I fall asleep. I’m thankful to be where I am right now. Thank you Lord

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