Merry Christmas Everyone! Hugs

           The top 10 ways to confuse Santa Claus

 A Christmas Chuckle that was sent to me, thought I would share it with you. Instead of milk and cookies, leave him a salad, and a note explaining that you think he could stand to lose a few pounds.

2. While he’s in the house, go find his sleigh and write him a speeding ticket.

3. Leave him a note, explaining that you’ve gone away for the holidays. Ask if he would mind watering your plants.

5. Leave a note by the telephone, telling Santa that Mrs. Claus called and wanted to remind him to pick up some milk and a loaf of bread on his way home.

6. While he’s in the house, find the sleigh and sit in it. As soon as he comes back and sees you, tell him that he shouldn’t have missed that last payment, and take off.

7. Leave a plate filled with cookies and a glass of milk out, with a note that says, “For The Tooth Fairy.”

8. Leave out a copy of your Christmas list with last-minute changes and corrections.

9. Leave Santa a note, explaining that you’ve moved. Include a map with unclear and hard-to-read directions to your new house.

10. Instead of ornaments, decorate your tree with Easter eggs, and Dress up like the Easter Bunny!

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Reflections from Karan:

Every year I strive to get all my Christmas shopping done early, which I accomplished only once in my life.  I hid the gifts so no one could find them before Christmas day.  However, I hid them so well I couldn’t find or remember where I hid them. I didn’t those gifts until we moved four years later. 

 I finally came to the conclusion I do Christmas shopping faster and better under stress, you know, when in panic, fear or doubt run in circles, scream and shout.

I was a little slow getting the Christmas feeling this year, and when I finally snapped into gear my to-do list was overwhelming. The Christmas baking I wanted to do, and the gifts I planned to make, just didn’t get done.  I ran out of time.

When my life gets hectic, I become preoccupied with myself, my circumstances and can soon forget about others and their needs. I become defeated and indecisive. What a shame, God is the only one who can bring rest and peace among all the craziness.

Over the years, there have been hard lessons to learn. But God in his great love has shown me that the things I valued most are not as important as the people in my life or my relationship with Him.

Especially, when faced with the fact there may not be any tomorrows left. It is funny how fast our priorities can change. Jesus knows about all of activity in our lives, because he made us. He also knows that we need times of rest both—Physically and spiritually.

On a night almost 2000 years ago, God in his love gave Himself to man in the person of Jesus Christ. An angel choir heralded his birth in a Bethlehem manager. We still celebrate His birth today. We call it Christmas.

Thirty-three years later, Jesus Christ continued loving me when He willing took the punishment I deserved, by giving His life on the cross so I might have my sins forgiven,

He is the only source for perfect peace and complete rest for our souls, especially at this busy time of year. You are loved and special to Him. ©

Merry Christmas,  

Lovingly,  Karan

Praying you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me today.

Sending love to you all.

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  1. Joanna

    Beautiful! Love you … Christmas Eve Gift

    1. Karan Gleddie

      Have a wonderful New Year Joanna,Loved spending time with you, Hugs

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