Can You Hear the Music?

Can You Hear the Music?

ols-man-singing1I guess you could say he’s a fixture ’round town they all knew his name. And every time the church bells rang Uncle Jesse, he up and came.

He always sat in the very same pew humming in a voice loud and rough, when it came to the Antioch Church House Choir Uncle Jesse never heard enough.

You see, he always wanted to sing in the choir, but he couldn’t sing a lick don’t you know, he tried out for the Antioch Church House choir 34 years in a row

He always got to the try-outs early he wanted to try out first, but instead of his singing getting any better every year it just got a little worse.

And he’d say, Please let me sing in the choir in the choir, Please let me sing in the choir. I can lift my voice just as high as yours… maybe just a little higher…  Please let me sing in the choir, in the choir, please let me sing in the choir. One old man can’t be all that bad, won’t you please let me sing in the choir.

One cloudy Sunday morning, I remember it was raining some… The church bells rang, and everybody came except Jesse, He didn’t come. Everybody started getting worried, but the figured they’d start anyhow.

Just as they did Jesse’s voice came booming down from Heaven, and I don’t know how… He said I’ve found me a choir that’ll let me sing; now I’m singing in the choir. I can lift my voice just as high as yours, maybe just a little higher.

I’ve found me a choir that’ll let me sing now I’m singing in the choir… You folks down there can’t hold me a light because I’m singing in the heavenly choir…      Words and music by Darrel Holt



menion 151



Every time I hear the song sung above, I get tears in my eyes. I think about my voice that is a little off-key.  I remember at one time Lyle, and I were asked to sing for an evening event, I was scared to death. 

scared-woman-revMy husband comes from a musical family and has a wonderful voice.  We practiced for weeks.  But when we stood on stage in front of all those people I froze, and couldn’t remember the words or even find my note. 

My dear husband tried to encouragement after our song, but I knew it didn’t go well.  As we were leaving a lady rushed up to encourage me and said, “ Well after you went up and down the scale a few times to find your note, I think it was OK.” So much for my singing career! LOL

Although I am not as a singer, I do love to sing. I like to sing out loud, and I’m sure others wish I would stop. But hey, the Bible says let us make a joyful noise, and I want to do my part.

I was born to sing the song God placed in my heart.  I think each of us has a special song given to us to share. Sometimes I struggle to sing my song joyfully, feeling like it might not be good enough.  Or I look at others and wish I could be like them and sing their song.

There have even been times I could not sing my hearts song at all. Those are times I need God, and another’s to wrap their wings of love around me and hold me tight. We all are born to sing our special songs

Like a small bird needing to fly and feel the wind lift me higher, I know God has placed a special song in my heart that I must sing to a hurting world… Jesus Loves You!  That is my song©



Psalm 100
A psalm of thanksgiving.

1 Shout with joy to the Lord, all the earth!
2 Worship the Lord with gladness.
Come before him, singing with joy.


Thank you for dropping by and sharing your time with me.

Do you have a song to sing? I would love to hear the song God has given you.

Have a great week! Hugs

Lovingly, Karan

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