Loving our Shape, Nobody is Perfect #2

Rounded or Apple Shape: 

You are in Good company with:  

 Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Hudson, Ophrah Winfrey  and Rosie O’Donnell

There are 2 female body shapes that are referred to as a rounded apple body shape, these are the Oval and the Diamond. With either of these body types you have the overall appearance of being round, especially in your torso area.You have an undefined waist and a large stomach.  The difference between the Oval and the Diamond shapes is whether your stomach is low Oval shape or high

Today we will discuss the rounded oval. Do you have a rounded or apple shape? 

  •  Does most your weight accumulates above the hips, with narrow Hips?
  • Round or apple shape
  •  Do you have the overall appearance of being round especially around the waist-line?
  •  Do you have an Average to big bust?
  •  Is your waistline Undefined?
  •  Do you have a large, low stomach?
  •  Love handles
  •  Rounded shoulders?
  •  Fullness in the tummy area?
  •  Do you also have a full bottom or a flat bottom?
  •  Are you uncomfortable when tops are tucked in?

The goal is to choose clothing to balance your silhouette.

  • Necklines: Lower and wider necklines like scoop, square, large V-neck or sweetheart
  • Sleeves: Cap ,¾ length, above the wrist, built in shoulder pads (which ensure that your clothes will hang from the shoulders), wrist length, flared or draped.
  • Tops and Shirts: Simple lines, avoid details and fuss, empire line or styles that go in under your bust, open front.
  • Jackets and Coats:Single button – ideally placed under your bust and above your tummy, simple empire line or straight line that hangs from your shoulders, should have a deep neckline or be worn open, shoulder pads. A-line, cardigan style, worn open, big lapels, shoulder pads, vents in the back.
  • Dresses: A-line, wear dress designs which take attention away from the tummy.
  • Skirts: Flip, A-line, panel or box pleats but they need to start at a point below your tummy, side fastening and flat fronted.
  • Trousers: Flat fronted, wide leg, fastened on the side and should not cling to the body.
  • Jeans: Simple denim styles in classic boot cut, wide leg or flares are best. 

Next week on Fashion Thursday we will discuss the Triangle body shape, I hope you will join me and invite your friends too. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Thank You

Have a great week,

Warmly, Karan Gleddie



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