Loving our Shape, Nobody is Perfect # 5

rectange 3Rectangle Shape:

Many beautiful women are a Rectangle shape:

Gwyneth Peltrow, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, Kate Middleton, Sara Jessica-Parker, Keira Knightly

  • Do you have a smaller bosom?
  • Do you wear the same size tops and bottoms?
  • Is there little definition in your waist?
  • Are your hips and shoulders the same width?
  • Do you have flat hips and thighs?

Then you have a Rectangle

Your goal is to create curves and define your waist.

What to wear.

  • Shoulder pads to emphasize your shoulders. This may sound very 80’s advice, but they really do work. However, they should not be too large and definitely shouldn’t be visible. 
  • Semi-fitted clothes
  • If you have firm upper arms, short-sleeves and sleeve-less tops and dresses.
  • Dresses that wrap or flow through the waistline 
  • Pants that are fitted at the hip and slightly wider at the hems give a rounder shape accentuating the waist. Look for embellishments on your back pockets, patterns or prints, straight to gently flared flat-fronted pants, turn ups, combat, flares, and wide legs, and boot-cut pants.
  • Structured fitted jacket which creates the appearance of fuller hips, also empire styles are flattering.Feminine Tops with Ruffles, puffed and cap sleeves. Also ¾ length sleeves add width to your bust and shoulders, making the waist look small. Medium to high necklines                           
  • Flared Skirts with wider hem will give the illusion of a smaller waist. Also look for A-line, flip, crossover and panel skirts.

Next week on Fashion Thursday we will discuss the Hourglass body shape, I hope you will join me and invite your friends too. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.

Have a great week,

Warmly, Karan Gleddie

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