Blonde Days at the Gym



For years, my daughter and I faithfully watched a certain exercise diva on television. Imagine our excited when we learned she would be making a visit to our town, and appearing at the local Gym. The advertisement invited everyone to come, meet her, ask questions, and spend a few hours joining her in one of her famous workouts. Although we were beginners, we decided to join the excitement and learn some new exercise techniques.

Always wanting to dress properly for any occasion, I decided to wear legging, an oversize t-shirt (to cover any bulges) and a headband so people would think I was a genuine exerciser. My daughter wore her shorts and a cute top; I thought we looked like an ordinary twosome going to the gym.

At my office all morning, we were a little late arriving for the starting session. Laughing and excited we stopped on the stairs and gazed over the class of women doing a rapidly paced step aerobics, in their fancy, well-matched, small, tight, outfits. I was starting to have that big bird feeling in my oversize t-shirt. I realized my comfortable outfit was not going to look great for pictures as we were all exercising, especially from the backside…

The instructor delegated us to the back row (thank goodness) and said, “Please put on your aerobic shoes.” To which I replied, “We didn’t bring any, we’ll just wear our socks.” At that point, she stopped the class, and educated everyone on the hazards of not wearing the right aerobic shoes. She acted as if we were not serious enough to be in her class; I wonder what gave her that idea!

The music started up again at a high-speed pace, moving at disaster speed for me! I could hardly keep up, huffing and puffing. “O’ my goodness I’m overdoing it,” I thought, “I’m sweating I had better slow down or my make-up will melt off.” At that point, I fell to the floor in a heap; my youngest daughter was starting to slow down too. The teacher yelled, “Keep the burn going, let’s keep up the pace, especially those in the back row.” Which was only the two of us?

Our predicament now seemed incredibly funny, and all I could do was laugh, my daughter was laughing too. The louder the instructor yelled the harder we laughed; there we lay in hysterics on the floor. We embarrassed ourselves that day; but as we now look back, we realize we were making memories. 

Isn’t that what life is all about? Enjoying the journey. ©

I believe God has a sense of humor too, After all he made us!

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