This is going to hurt, I’ve fall‘in and can’t get up!


Woman after falling down the stairs

This is going to hurt!

I have always been blonde as well as awkward! But I can somehow maneuver in high heels which I think is an art in itself. Blonde, clumsy and high heels, now that’s an image! It’s embarrassing and I like to pretend I don’t notice my coordination is lacking. I figure if I don’t notice maybe no one else will either. Lol. However, my family and friends know my secret all too well. I think God must have a real sense of humor putting that combination together!

Saturday we went out to lunch with some friends to a charming western restaurant in the country; which even had a swinging door! A cowboy’s heaven.

Enjoying the fresh country air, great food and good friends made a perfect afternoon.

As we said our goodbyes I remember thinking, “I probably should check out the powder room before I leave”, but I put that thought out of my mind thinking I could make it home.

As I walked out the swinging doors I didn’t realize there was a 7 inch step down to the cement sidewalk below. I started the downward spiral in a slow motion sensation thinking to myself, “this is going to hurt badly”.

Trying to break my fall I splattered to the cement sidewalk. Having the wind knocked out of me; I laid there not moving, collecting my thoughts. Mentally checking to see what hurt the worst and the collateral damage, I was relieved to notice I still had all my (extra) fingernails and although I had skinned some body parts my jacket